About The Foundation

Community Development

The National Network Education began its idea through a successful initiative by community figures, which we cherish, and went on to meet the needs of our children .it established the necessary qualified cadres to ensure the achievement of its lofty mission towards society. it developed various programmes and implemented various projects for the sectors ( youth, women and children). it issued numerous studies and research. it gained membership in international and local institutions. today, the national network for education is more deeply involved in the fields of community work. it implements large projects and international donors. Bunyan believes in serious dialogue aimed at refining and developing the target groups with precision. Therefore, our website is launched in its new form as a meeting and communication tool with everyone, and a community control tool for our work.
We look forward to the participation of all interested activists, institutions and Arab and international in all our programmes, projects and rehabilitative services.
Let us all participate in the success of this interactive platform, and we are always happy with your views, suggestions and observations. In my name and on behalf of the board of directors, staff and voluntary committees, we extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who contributed to the establishment of this civic edifice, founders, members, former board of directors, and executives.
And you all have the utmost respect and appreciation.

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