Amazon Web Services (AWS)Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform in the world, offering more than 200 fully premium data center services globally. Millions of customers, including fast-growing startups and the largest leading government institutions and agencies, are using AWS to reduce cost, increase their flexibility and innovate faster.


Leading cloud services system

Maximum functional performance

AWS has more important services and more features within these services than any other cloud service provider — from infrastructure technologies, such as computing, storage and databases — to emerging technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, data repositories and analytics, and the Internet of Things. This makes it faster, easier and more cost-effective to move your current apps to the cloud and create almost what you can imagine.

AWS also has the deepest functionality within these services. For example, AWS displays the largest variety of purpose-built databases for different types of applications, so you can choose the right tool for the task to get the best cost and performance.

A large community of customers and partners

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The AWS platform is designed to be the safest and most flexible current cloud computing environment. Our basic infrastructure has been established to meet the safety requirements of military institutions, international banks and other highly sensitive institutions. This is supported by an accurate set of cloud security tools, with 230 security, management and compliance services. AWS supports 90 security standards and compliance certificates, and provides all 117 AWS services that store customer data, providing the ability to encrypt that data.

Fastest Pace of Innovation

With AWS, you can take advantage of the latest technology for experimentation and innovation faster. We can constantly accelerate our innovation to invent completely new technologies that you can use to move your business. For example, in 2014, AWS took the lead in the serverless computing space with the launch of AWS Lambda, allowing developers to run their code without providing or managing servers. AWS created Amazon Sage Maker, a fully managed machine learning service that enables developers and permanent scientists to use machine learning — without any previous experience.

More experience

AWS has unparalleled experience, maturity, reliability, security and performance and can therefore be relied upon in your most important applications. For 15 years, AWS has been providing cloud services to millions of customers around the world operating a wide variety of usages. AWS has more extensive operational experience than any other cloud service provider.

AWS Global Network

AWS features a more comprehensive global cloud infrastructure. No other cloud service provider offers such a number of areas that include multiple service availability areas connected to a high-availability network with low response time and high transfer rate. AWS has 80 service availability areas in 25 geographical areas around the world and has announced plans to cover 15 other availability areas and 5 other AWS areas in Australia, India, Indonesia, Spain and Switzerland. The AWS/Service Availability Area model has been recognized by Gartner as the recommended approach to operating enterprise applications that require a high degree of availability.