The idea of supporting National Education Network Foundation is that scientific knowledge is the basis for the progress of any society, and that scientific studies and research are the basis on which scientific knowledge is built. Therefore, the discovery, treatment and successful solution of negative social phenomena cannot be achieved without real scientific knowledge based on the study of reality in all its aspects. As you say, the idea also that charity work is the other process has no scientific basis, and then the scientific knowledge contributes directly to support charity work and develop it and improve its performance, to achieve the maximum benefit, which benefit the beneficiaries of social services in the various institutions of Social Work, government and non-government.

Activities provided by the ``National Education Network``

Support scientific research

Research objectives and publications at the national network for education”:

  • Supporting the movement of publishing and scientific research in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • Contribute directly or indirectly to the achievement of the objectives pursued by the Association National Education Network.
  • Support researchers in Egypt and the Arab world from different scientific disciplines and gender to contribute to the issues of their country and nation.
  • Fill the existing shortage of scientific studies and research in the humanities and other sciences in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • To draw official attention to emerging issues and phenomena in Egypt and the Arab world that require rapid intervention.
  • Contribute to finding solutions to social, psychological and other problems and phenomena that exist in the Arab society.


The national network for Education holds several workshops in cooperation with many institutions because of their important and fundamental role in supporting and rehabilitating human cadres and is considered one of the fundamentals of Community Development at the moment.

Objectives of the workshops at the national network for education”:

  • Help workshop trainees to test themselves before embarking on a specialty in a certain area and his study by looking closely on this area and see if it suits them or not.
  • Exchange views and experiences on the subject of the workshop in a practical and simplified manner.
  • Helps trainees participating in the workshop to acquire various skills related to the workshop theme.
  • Provides opportunities for trainees to participate in thinking about the topic of the workshop and to show new opportunities.
  • Develop participants ‘ knowledge, build their ideas and modify their perceptions by interacting with each other or interacting with the coach.
  • Transition to interactive education in which the trainee is part and partner in the training process where the trainee actively and effectively participates in building knowledge.

Technological literacy

No longer the concept of literacy in this era was limited to a person’s ability to read and write only, but also the digital dimension has become digital literacy the goal of the state that seeks to build knowledge societies modern and sophisticated by giving their people the basic skills that enable them to use and the use of computer techniques in their daily lives, which enables them to exploit and develop opportunities for commercial, social or cultural rights for themselves or their families or their communities in general.

The national network for Education always seeks to make the necessary contribution to support the development of infrastructure to facilitate the production of services and distribution of

Infrastructure Development

  • Infrastructure is the organizational structures necessary for the functioning of the community, projects or services and facilities necessary for the economy to function. It can be defined generally as a set of structural elements that provide framework supports the overall structure to change. They represent an important term for judging the development of a state or region.
  • The National Education Network always seeks to make the necessary contribution to support the development of infrastructure to facilitate the production of services and distribution of
  • products in the markets in addition to basic social services as the infrastructure is anything that requires daily life.


The National Education Network contributes to enhancing cooperation, communication and coordination between training centers and institutions to implement joint training projects and develop and provide different services in the field of training in a distinctive manner according to international standards.

  •  Create an electronic database training centres in the Arab world to facilitate the inventory of these centers and their capabilities.
  • Holding periodic workshops and meetings of training centers and institutions to exchange experiences and ideas.
  • Implement joint training projects involving many training centers and institutions.
  • Form alliances and sign cooperation protocols to enter government tenders.

Employment Skills

  • The National Education Network always strives to support and employ skills commensurate with competence and qualifications and to give graduates new opportunities to start their working lives through mechanisms that help them reach the ideal job they seek.
  • The National Education Network follows several approaches to this, including the establishment of projects or cooperation in training and employment projects.
  • The National Education Network has already implemented several projects that have finally been able to recruit many young people.
  • Yachts and boats