The company with a bright future!

NEN for Information and Communication  Technology, an Egyptian company established in 2006 with development in heart and an eye for global expansion, has been making history in the recent few years.

First by achieving dominant regional presence as our regional offices expanded to cover all of the Middle East, then our presence became truly global ever since NEN for Information and Communication Technology was established in both the United Kingdom and in the United Arab Emirates in the year 2019 to reinforce our presence in European markets and Asian markets.

Most recently, when we successfully made our IPO transforming into a multi-national corporation listed on stock exchanges, we secured the resources needed to initiate Stage II within which we will be expanding our scope of service & range of solutions further than ever before to get closer to being the organization we dreamt of back in 2006: A socially responsible business organization, powered by the wonders of modern technology, contributing to the progress of humanity, the betterment of the world, and the well-being of all of its citizens.


“Human civilization only through development and innovation can exist harmoniously on the planet.” Become a global market leader in the fields of Information Technology & Educational Solutions; ushering in an era of digital transformation & capabilities optimization.


Empower people everywhere to build a world that is as good as they can dream of. Is to be a catalyst for innovation, a platform for development, and a driver for sustainable positive change.


Acquire what's needed, develop what's missing, make that accessible to the masses, and teach them how to best use what they have.

Developing highly qualified calibres to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market.

Democratizing education by developing and providing free educational resources and platforms facilitating access to those resources enabling effective self-education as a valid and equally competitive educational path that would guarantee equal opportunities for young people everywhere to make the best out of their lives enhancing their quality of life and prosperity of their communities.

Expanding the range of our consultation services focusing on hyper growth sectors such as e-commerce.

Advocating the use of technological solutions for business and public service organizations, promoting their benefits on enhancing organizational capabilities and competencies, especially in underdeveloped markets and for local and small businesses.

Leading a strong, comprehensive network of professional, socially responsible organizations dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Preparing a generation of qualified teachers, trainers, and lecturers capable of utilizing state-of-the-art technological solutions to facilitate education and learning.

Bridging the gap between academic teaching and the requirements of the labor market..

Becoming world-renowned for the quality of our business services and organizational development solutions as we are renowned for the quality of our educational services and technological solutions.

Proper integration & utilization of technology to optimize performance of industrial & educational institutions.

Utilizing our corporate capabilities and experiences to support ambitious projects initiated by passionate leaders targeting legitimate opportunities yet lacking the resources required to properly develop their brilliant solutions.