National Education Network” over past years, held lots of strategic partnerships to serve training fields, and held fruitful partnerships for development of the training field, strategic cooperation here is a partnership between NEN and many government, non-governmental agencies and institutions that are interested in the development of human resources, and raise training efficiency. Where there are several aspects of partnership such as technical contribution, use of technological knowledge, participation in all processes between partners, provide strategists, and to intensify efforts, competencies as well as the necessary means and capabilities to help start projects to serve training process and upgrade it.

Tamkeen Competition – R#6, R#7
2019, 2020

For Round #6, the company has been awarded two awards:

      • The first award is for developing the app Tasaheel which is a portal to facilitate for citizens with special needs access to all services, whether governmental or otherwise; the app includes sign language as a feature enabling the deaf to fully utilize all the capabilities of the system. The Second award is for Qayas, a system for managing electronic tests for people with visual disabilities enabling them to handle the tests at ease. More…

For Round#7, the company has been awarded with two other awards which are:

      • The first award is for developing Sadiqi, an app specifically designed to integrate hearing impaired people with community members through social media while the second award is for developing Taqyim which is a system for managing electronic tests using sign language to enable the deaf to deal with the system and provide accurate measure to their skills. More…
The Best Cisco Academy
2014, 2018

NEN was awarded twice the “Cisco Award for outstanding performance around Egypt” which is an internationally important achievement for the Network, especially since it is awarded for excellence in the field of training on networks (management, maintenance, and development) and processing infrastructure of the Internet and telecommunications using Cisco technology.

Those awards ensure our application of training best practices & abidance by Cisco’s quality standards.

Those awards ensure our application of training best practices & abidance by Cisco’s quality standards.

Microsoft's 'Most Competent' Partners R#37, R#35
2011, 2015

The company has been ranked first in Egypt and thirty-fifth worldwide in the international classification for Microsoft partners.

NEN has achieved Gold-Certified Partner classification in several areas as early as 2008. More…

Award of Activate ICT Product Development (ITIDA)
2013, 2014, 2015

Received the awards for successful completion of ICT product development activities in the field of information technology.

Those efforts lead to a number of extraordinary new products that were revolutionary for the market.

Such as (GES) the system we developed for international tests and it is one of the most important awards obtained by NEN over more than a year and stimulate network to continue developing to reach the desired objectives for future periods.

The Innovation Award (TIEC)

Received “Innovation Award” in the field of information and communication technology and Network development and has been ranked first by the technological innovation and entrepreneurship center.

This award has been given for our innovative integrated electronic system designed specifically for the implementation and management of tests that require high-level control and security within institutions, bodies and test centers accredited in different countries in addition to the possibility of managing and securing home tests.

The Best Learning Center (EC-Council)
2011, 2014

Received the “award of best learning center in Middle East and Africa from EC-Council”. This award is considered an important international achievement, especially that it is awarded for excellence in the field of training on security, network protection, infrastructure and communications.

NEN assures its commitment to the highest quality standards to achieve more successes in the field of security and protection training in partnership with EC-Council. More…

Microsoft Partner of the Year

Received this award for excellence in creating and delivering innovative customer solutions and services based on Microsoft technologies.

NEN is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner in 8 different fields which are:

  1. Identity and access
  2. Application development
  3. OEM
  4. Midmarket solution provider
  5. Datacenter
  6. Devices and deployment
  7. Hosting, application integration

8.Intelligent systems and messaging

Prometric Hero Award

Received Prometric hero award as the best Testing Center in terms of security, integrity, and Control.

This award assures NEN’s ability of successfully conducting Prometric’s international tests and international tests in general; in addition to the capability of its testing procedures and software.

Microsoft Small Business Specialist

This award recognizes NEN’s service excellence and ability to apply Microsoft’s technology products and solutions in service of business clients, especially small businesses and start-ups.