What we do

There are many providers of international certificates in various fields and specialties. International certification is characterized by wide extent for work acceptance, these certificates aims to create qualified staff for working in different fields by obtaining accreditation from international organizations, which offering highest standards approved for experience obtained in the specialty certified at. National Education Network achieved widespread in partnership with international organizations for international certifications, which serve all fields for qualifying to labor market.

There are dozens of Microsoft Corporation training courses on its products. these certifications of the most important international certification offered by Microsoft Corporation as well as rest of certificates provided by network in collaboration with Microsoft Corporation.

Cisco provide many of devices and software’s in the field of networking and information technology. National Education Network provide international certification of main courses offered for international accreditation from Cisco.

There are many software developed by Oracle Corporation, which made it necessary that the company provide international certificates for those software users.

EC-Council has developed the concept of protection and safety to the whole world. provides many smart solutions for network, software security, and issued several secured international certifications to put solutions in ways theory and practical and implement it on the real world business.

International certification tests of foreign languages to non-native speakers or those who use them as a second language to measure their mastery of it. National Education Network cooperate with organizations that provide international certifications mostly required around the world.

International administrative certificates are certificates take your future career to another stage. National Education Network provides you with the most powerful international certifications in various administrative fields and get any of these certificates has several advantages, including:

  • Increase scientific knowledge in multiple fields (financial management, accounting, cost accounting, economics, finance, etc.)
  • Ascend the top management positions
  • Professional accreditation of previous experiences
  • Higher salary cause of promotions

An international recognized certificates proving the ability of its holder to use basic applications of computer, oversees these certifications several international institutions and National Education Network provides it in cooperation with those institutions.


Terms and Conditions

  • Tourist program fees include providing accommodation in 4-star hotels with a double room, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, tourist attractions and internal transfers.
    • The fees do not include both airline tickets and the state visit visa.
      • The advertised prices do not apply to peak periods of holidays and occasions and any events related to the country.