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The concept of e-learning has spread and become known to everyone, but now another, more profound, comprehensive and effective concept of virtual education has been overwhelmed. What is virtual education and what is its future Arab and global?

Steve David defined virtual education as: a way that enables an individual to visualize and interact with highly complex data in a computer environment so that the computer generates images, sounds and other sensory effects that collectively constitute a virtual world that does not exist on the ground.

E-learning is a method of teaching using modern communication mechanisms from a computer, its networks, multiple media of sound and image, graphics, search mechanisms, electronic libraries as well as internet portals whether remotely or in the classroom.

So as traditional education includes the student, lecturer, scientific material and the classroom, virtual education includes all these elements in addition to the virtual classroom, which corresponds to the classroom in traditional education and the virtual education student must attend his lectures online regularly and perform his duties and provide the required research on time.

Therefore, many European universities have adopted virtual education as part of their teaching methodology and in the next ten years will strive towards the full orientation of virtual education from these universities.

Cisco Networking Academy (2008)

Quickly grew from a single school to become an ever-expanding community of students, educators, employers, NGOs, Cisco employees and customers.
In partnership with 28,400 (affiliated) educators at 11,800 academies all over the world, Cisco Networking Academy delivers the best curricula globally, empowering individuals and organizations with problem-solving skills, transformative technologies, and the benefits of digitization.
Together, with our education, instructor, training and employment partners we’ve made a commitment to developing the workforce of the future.

Microsoft Education (2008)

Since 2008 we have been holding accreditation as an educational partner to train Microsoft’s global programs and pass international tests through a group of trainers, consultants, and experts accredited by Microsoft, to qualify students for the labor market with the most powerful technological tools
We have also successfully provided many programs and grants in cooperation with Microsoft to institutions and bodies across the Middle East.

CompTIA Academy (2022)

Authorized Partner Program for Academy Partners offers a robust educational program designed to assist academic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies in enhancing the learning experience for students preparing for an IT career.